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Laceno Lake is located in a gorgeous touristic locality situated in the homonym fraction of Bagnoli Irpino, in Avellino province.

Laceno is a touristic locality very busy under many points of view.

First of all, one of the main reasons behind this tourism is related to the presence of the awesome lake, located between majestic Picentini Mounts, like Raiamagra Mount (1667 meters) and Cervarolo Mount (1600 meters). Precisely is situated in a karst valley, about the altitude of 1100 meters. Nearby the Laceno Lake, during the whole year it reigns a bucolic peace. Particularly during summer, it not exist a more relaxing place than Laceno Lake, perfect for who wants a quiet week-end with partner or familiy.

At the  same time, the presence of the rich vegetation and the imposing mountainous chain, it make Laceno an ambitious target for practice trekking. Very well-known is the promenade on the Raiamagra Costone, a place that is proud of a breath-taking panoramic view opened toward the sea. The entire zone is rich of tracks and paths leading to renowned plains, like Vaccano plain, Sazzano plain, Tizzano plain and Cupone plain. These are just a little amount of the itineraries  offered by Laceno.

Thanks to the skiing implants, even during winter the small town of Laceno is highly frequented. Over excursions and impants, it’s possible to practise equitation, mountain-biking and other sports.

During last years, the great touristic coming had leads to the construction of many services and houses for visitors. In Laceno every tourists can find a lot of commercial activities, restaurants, hotels, residences and mansions. For the youngest ones, Laceno offers some amusement parks and many recreational areas.

Curiosity: In 1958 it was instituted a new-realistic cinema festival called “Laceno d’Oro”, joined also by Pier Paolo Pasolini. It says that Pasolini could see in this amazing places the same ones of its childhood.

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